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About us

The Roviti family

Passion and excellence

Roviti is the surname of our family originally from southern Italy among which we are proud to count respected professionals and landowners. The love for the land and for nature has been transmitted from generation to generation, proudly safeguarding the values ​​of tradition and peasant wisdom.

Roviti srl is an Italian company founded by the passionate descendants of the family in order to preserve these traditions and values. The goal was to enhance the local production of fruits, flowers and plants that are part of the precious uniqueness of the biodiversity of our territories.

We are dedicated with passion to the selection and creation of precious ingredients for skin care, using and enhancing the richness of our nature with meticulous attention.

With the support of scientific research and our constant collaboration with recognized professionals, we aim to bring together the exceptional and beneficial properties of unique plants and fruits that find their habitat only in certain and limited Italian geographical areas.

In a highly competitive market, Roviti innovates by offering a line of cosmetic products with a unique formula and ingredients. Our production is limited by the rarity of raw materials and the artisanal production approach that we place in the creation of each product, far from industrial logic and too much frequent lack of transparency in the cosmetics industry.

Our specialized team creates unique products both in the choice of basic ingredients and in the processing of the latter. All our cosmetics are absolutely free of chemical components that are hazardous to health and skin care.

Roviti Natural Cosmetics

The ``roviti natural cosmetics`` project

Driven by the passion for natural products, of which a country like Italy and especially some areas of the southern territory are particularly rich, we have decided to focus our attention on the wonderful production of fruits and plants that only the biodiversity of a unique ecosystem can offer.

We therefore dedicated ourselves to the study of the typical plants of our territories, trying to understand their properties known for a long time by popular wisdom (but often not widely disclosed to the general public) and supported by recent scientific studies and important publications.

Our attention has focused on a plant and its fruits typical of the Mediterranean area, of which the territories of southern Italy are particularly rich, both in quantity and quality: the prickly pear

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